Drawn by Maurits Escher’s idiot brother Earl

Drawn by Maurits Escher's idiot brother Earl

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My twitter contact ZenBike UK said there was a real Earl Winston Escher, a cousin to Maurits and an artist too. No offence intended to the surviving family of the late E W Escher, MD.

GTALUG Lightning Talk(s): Mostly Searchable and Mini Printers

My lightning talk for GTALUG seemed to go down quite well. Here are the slides. It’s mostly based on experience gleaned from My bank broke PDF … and how I used PDFBeads to fix it. I really must write this up properly.

I also prepared — but didn’t get to use — notes on using Mini Printers and Linux. Again, this is from Thermal Printer driver for CUPS, Linux, and Raspberry Pi: zj-58 and Notes on mini-printers and Linux.

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