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  1. This recipe is awesome. I’ve wanted to make this myself for years, and now I can. Tastes every bit as good as the stuff my brother sends me from Scotland once a year. If you have a sweet tooth, and i mean a VERY sweet tooth – just make it! You’ll love it.

  2. Hi, just wanted to say thanks very much for the tablet recipe. Have never thought to find one before and today looked through several strange recipes and came across this one.
    Have no sugar thermometer or any great expertise in making sugary treats but my first attempt is a great success.
    Thank you for keeping the site up and allowing me and my family/friends to enjoy probably the best scottish sweet treat.
    And i love the little comment about (not part of a calorie controlled diet)
    Hey if its home made its gotta be good for you 😀

  3. Hi Stewart
    I first made this in 2006 and had a request yesterday from my brother for a batch. Found yellowed copy still in recipe book, and it was just as successful as ever, so decided to try to contact you. The only remarks I have are:
    – your comment about the large enough pan is indeed crucial!
    – be very careful indeed until the whole mixture is boiling (the caramel/soot issue!) then you can use a fair bit of heat until all the water is boiled off (I took over an hour rather than 18 mins)
    – once it turns to lava, things happen quite quickly
    – pour out as soon as you start to feel resistance
    So, very glad this resource is still here, thanks again!
    (Back in Scotland after many years away)

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