Russell’s Modern Logarithms

I’d like to present what is probably the first new table of logarithms published this century: Russell’s Modern Logarithms [pdf].

Since accuracy is paramount in a table of logarithms, I’ve encrypted and signed the document. You should check the document against the following checksums:

Source (unsigned, unstamped: CC BY-NC-SA) now on github: scruss/Russell-s-Modern-Logarithms.


    1. It seemed like a good idea at the time
    2. If you don’t remember what they’re for, don’t worry
  1. Logarithms are one of the important stepping-stones in mathematics. Logs –> slide rules –> calculators –> computers.

    Back in the 1970’s, I had to back some very complex calculations into a very small computer. It had to fit in your pocket, and run on batteries for a week. At the time, memory was precious; we didn’t have enough for the usual floating-point add/subtract/multiply/divide routines. We wound up doing it all in fixed-point binary math, with the basic functions add/subtract/log2/antilog2. Base2 logs are fast and easy; much better than multiply and divide. 🙂

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