Autumn in Canada: NAPLPS

NAPLPS rendered in PP3

My OpenProcessing demo “autumn in canada”, redone as a NAPLPS playback file. Yes, it would have been nice to have outlined leaves, but I’ve only got four colours to play with that are vaguely autumnal in NAPLPS’s limited 2-bit RGB.

Played back via dosbox and PP3, with help from John Durno‘s very useful Displaying NAPLPS Graphics on a Modern Computer: Technical Note.

This file only displays 64 leaves, as more leaves caused the emulated Commodore 64 NAPLPS viewer I was running to crash.


The sumachs are beginning to flame, trees are beginning to brown, and I
haven’t seen a groundhog for days. Looks like it’s doing that autumn thing.

Hey little leaf, lying on the ground
Now you’re turning slightly brown.
Why don’t you hop right back on the tree?
Turn the colour green like you’re meant to be.

— “Same Old Man”, The Holy Modal Rounders.