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goodbye, guardian

Summary: tl;dr

The Guardian has changed its news feeds to contain the whole article instead of just the lead paragraph. That’s just too much reading for me.

computers suck

how to get craigslist searches by e-mail

  1. Go to <>
  2. Enter your search term in the “search craigslist” box
  3. When you get the results, scroll to the bottom. There is a final paragraph that says “RSS (?)”. Copy the RSS link address (move the mouse pointer over the RSS link, right click, and select “Copy Shortcut”)
  4. Open an new window (Ctrl-N in IE)
  5. In the new window, go to <>
  6. Paste the link you copied from craigslist into the “Enter a feed to subscribe” box – the link should look something like <>, and hit Subscribe
  7. Enter your e-mail address on the next page – before you hit Subscribe again, you might want to check the preview of the feed that’s shown on the page to see that it’s finding what you want. You probably want to keep the e-mail type as “Normal – Send each update as individual e-mails”, and uncheck the “Share at Popular Feeds” page
  8. You will get a confirmation e-mail – hit the confirm link, which will take you to a page you probably don’t need to understand
  9. rssfwd should mail you within a couple of hours of new items being posted. Each e-mail should have unsubscription information
computers suck


We had a power cut last night, and my Gregarius aggregator on the basement server really didn’t appreciate it. I think it was doing something to the sqlite database that holds the feeds when the power went out, so I lost all my configs and had to trudge through hundreds of old items.

It could be worse; you could be stabbed! (as Mark Taylor always used to say).

choons goatee-stroking musing, or something

T’aint what you coup (it’s the way that you do it)

I know I shouldn’t, but every time I see the name of Fijian military coup leader Frank Bainimarama, the songs of this eighties girl group come to mind.

bike stuff

bye bye bikeshare

BikeShare is no more, sadly.

the old country

words fail me

Just as they were beginning to find something, ‘National interest’ halts arms corruption inquiry.

computers suck

hey livejournal, quit claiming my content

Read this. Oddly familiar, huh? It would seem that LiveJournal is republishing my blog on its own site

The thing about syndicated publishing is that the author has at least given permission that it takes place. I gave LiveJournal no such permission. Sure, I have a public RSS feed, but I don’t expect people just to grab my whole site and publish it for their own ends. That’s not syndication, it’s theft.
They also have the gall to claim there’s a “syndicated user” wesawachicken. Again, I didn’t set that up. I wonder if I can make it implode by getting it to syndicate its own feed?

Wind Things

see, I told you ages ago

Trendy roof turbines are not as green as they look says The Observer. <smugness/>
Paul Gipe has some thoughts on this:

The last one has a couple of pictures I took when we were in Scotland.

goatee-stroking musing, or something

boo {gerund} hoo

[Rick Ciarnello, president of the Vancouver Hells Angels chapter] claims he has been treated rudely by his local supermarket staff, and he says many people are no longer friendly toward him, and instead fear him or avoid him altogether.

Hells Angel says he feels shunned.

o canada

providing cannon fodder for empire since 1867

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says the toll of Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan is the price Canada is paying for playing a leadership role in world affairs.

I reckon that if I took a random street poll anywhere (anywhere outside Canada, that is), no more than 3 out of 10 people would consider Canada as having a leadership role. I do not wish to make light of the soldiers’ plight; I just don’t want them there in my name.

(I was going to make a comment about the nearest thing to a role to most Canadians would be a Swiss Chalet 1/4 chicken dinner, but that doesn’t work in a written context, and barely works when spoken.)

bike stuff

half-yay pedelecs

Electric bikes hit the road in Ontario — but you have to wear a helmet, for some reason.

bike stuff

Crappy Lanes: spread the love

Further to Matt Seaton’s article in the Guardian about atrocious cycle facilities, and highlighting Warrington Cycle Campaign’s Facility of the Month, can I just say that Pete Owens of WCC got the idea for the web page from my Crappy Lanes ( copy) site?

the old country

RIP, crunch, crunch

Golden Wonder Crisps are gone; and a large part of my childhood went with it.

That Walker’s should have stolen the crisp crown is terrible. They’re just rebadged PepsiCo Lays. Yuk.

(But I still think that Seabrook’s are the current best in the UK.)


knitters wanted, some travel required

Knitters needed on remote Fair Isle.

computers suck goatee-stroking musing, or something


This is a bit clever; it locates the bloggers geographically near you:

I think it was worth standing outside in the dark for five minutes trying to read my GPS, don’t you?

o canada

feed that spacing!

Yay! Spacing has an RSS feed.

computers suck

bad Boing Boing! no cookie!

Aiiee! Boing Boing started to send out ads in its RSS feed! It was attached to this story: RIAA drops P2P case against dead non-computer user. Suxx0rs …

computers suck o canada

Bob The Angry Flower RSS Feed (beta)

Bob The Angry Flower RSS Feed:

This is very beta, extremely hacky, and only updated once a day. It does hit Stephen’s site quite hard when it’s run, so what you’re seeing is static output from a cron job.

computers suck o canada goes RSS – Free Headlines Service

computers suck

Ol’ Pointy-Nose Is Back …

Ben Hammersley’s Daily Doonesbury Feed, refactored:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;
use integer;
use XML::RSS;

my ( $sec, $min, $hour, $mday, $mon, $year, $wday, $yday, $isdst ) =

my $this_year   = 1900 + $year;
my $todays_date = sprintf( "%02d%02d%02d", $this_year % 100, 1 + $mon, $mday );
my $db_url      =
  . $this_year . '/db'
  . $todays_date . '.gif';

my $rss = XML::RSS->new();
$rss->channel( title => "Doonesbury" );
    title => 'Doonesbury for '
      . sprintf( "%05d/%02d/%02d", $this_year, 1 + $mon, $mday ),
    link        => $db_url,
    description => '<img src="' . $db_url . '" />'

print "Content-type: application/xml+rss\n\n", $rss->as_string;