teh smrt

I carried my digital camera around all last week, forgetting that the battery was still in the charger at home …

That wouldn’t be a problem if it were the RB67 (all mechanical; no batteries), but I’d end up looking like Louis Cyr if I did.


Just saw someone getting their collar felt at Union Station for crossing the tracks – $110 fine.

make-do drummer

Slogan seen on a pair of drumsticks in Kensington Market: “Maybe you can’t find the more favorable sticks!”

ow ow ow

So I’m flat on my back, the air acrid with Bengay. My shoulder’s twingeing like a mad thing, almost like being stabbed.

the mighty elocom

I’d been suffering from some winter eczema on the blade of my right hand. It meant (like, if I wanted to) I couldn’t karate chop, but I could probably give someone a pretty good karate sandpapering.

It got worse recently, and beyond the control of over-the-counter meds. The doctor gave me a wee pottie of Elocom, a fearsome skin ointment, on Friday. The eczema’s almost gone; it’s just a tiny bit of dry skin now.