mississippi john dalek

I really, really don’t know what my iPod was thinking when it rendered a perfectly good mono MP3 of Mississippi John Hurt like this:

Mississippi John Hurt – Frankie (accidental robot mix)

Mississippi John Hurt - Frankie (accidental robot mix)
goatee-stroking musing, or something

apologetic sales pitch

our BEST brand - please ask us why?

I guess the market for cassette tape head cleaners isn’t huge any more, so I was a little surprised to see this on the only one that The Source sells.

computers suck

hey livejournal, quit claiming my content

Read this. Oddly familiar, huh? It would seem that LiveJournal is republishing my blog on its own site

The thing about syndicated publishing is that the author has at least given permission that it takes place. I gave LiveJournal no such permission. Sure, I have a public RSS feed, but I don’t expect people just to grab my whole site and publish it for their own ends. That’s not syndication, it’s theft.
They also have the gall to claim there’s a “syndicated user” wesawachicken. Again, I didn’t set that up. I wonder if I can make it implode by getting it to syndicate its own feed?