goatee-stroking musing, or something


goatee-stroking musing, or something

shoulda twigged when they replied to both of my craigslist ads …

Craig Vonland l am in Fl Tampa  now  and i will like to buy iteams from you How much are you willing to sale this  iteams last please get back to me with your full name and address so that i can send the money to you through western union and dont forget to include the shipping cost with it and get back to me with the total cost

goatee-stroking musing, or something

the joy of craigslist

  • 2 hours
  • 23km driven
  • $3 parking
  • $8 sandwich dinner
  • $3 coffee

… all wasted waiting for a silly wee lassie who’d agreed to meet to sell an autoharp, then sold it out from under me.

Real smooth move, Stefanie.


a demented dimension

There’s a banjo-uke on craigslist described as: “… it has that banjo twang that just makes people smile! … Add a new demention to your music.” Ah yes, banjo-uke players are a bit demented.

computers suck

how to get craigslist searches by e-mail

  1. Go to <>
  2. Enter your search term in the “search craigslist” box
  3. When you get the results, scroll to the bottom. There is a final paragraph that says “RSS (?)”. Copy the RSS link address (move the mouse pointer over the RSS link, right click, and select “Copy Shortcut”)
  4. Open an new window (Ctrl-N in IE)
  5. In the new window, go to <>
  6. Paste the link you copied from craigslist into the “Enter a feed to subscribe” box – the link should look something like <>, and hit Subscribe
  7. Enter your e-mail address on the next page – before you hit Subscribe again, you might want to check the preview of the feed that’s shown on the page to see that it’s finding what you want. You probably want to keep the e-mail type as “Normal – Send each update as individual e-mails”, and uncheck the “Share at Popular Feeds” page
  8. You will get a confirmation e-mail – hit the confirm link, which will take you to a page you probably don’t need to understand
  9. rssfwd should mail you within a couple of hours of new items being posted. Each e-mail should have unsubscription information