Danish Modern in Ringkøbing

I’m currently checked into a hotel which reeks of 70s Danish modern — blonde wood, bare brick, smoked glass surfaces — and, like many places in Denmark, cigarette smoke. Being in the presence of an authentic Beocom phone makes up for it though:

Beocom Phone

Also, there’s a cute little wind farm outside; a few Vestas V27s (or smaller) on lattice towers at 56° 7′ 22.11″ N, 8° 13′ 48.94″ E:
Little wind farm near Ringkøbing, Denmark

mec sled dog

There was a very cute malamute in MEC today. She wasn’t too keen on shopping, so she’d lie down for a bit every now and again, anchoring her owner to the spot.

pretty stinky kitty

We had a huge skunk nosing about the back garden this morning. If they didn’t have the incredible smell potential, they’d be pretty cute.

Snoozing gently

torpid dormice
The blurb says: This image of three dormice, torpid, has won the coveted BBC TV Countryfile photographic competition.

The winning image was taken by Steven Robinson as part of Kew’s monitoring programme of this endangered species in conjunction with English Nature.

© 2003 Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Image: Steven Robinson, RBG Kew at Wakehurst Place


We found a baby bunny by the side of the road. He seems a bit stunned, but otherwise okay.

Zoë has veterinarian training, so she’s looking after him.

He fits in the palm of your hand, and is unbearably cute.

Here’s a better picture (thumbnail links to larger image):

Dave’s picture of the bunny

Both pictures by Dave.