Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 02007

Ned Hanlan

My Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 02007 gallery for Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day.I made an f/90 pinhole lens for the D70 today. Results are not bad. True pinhole freaks will decry the fact that I could just sight through the SLR viewfinder, so all of the images are uncropped.

I also took a roll on my Zero 2000 120 rollfilm pinhole camera. I have to take the film into Toronto Image Works to see the results.

Man, but do pinhole lenses resolve the grot on your DSLR sensor!


Dawes Super Galaxy at Main St Station

I got the Super Galaxy back from Cogs yesterday. They’ve done a great job of fitting slightly raised bars and thumbshifters, and repacking all the ancient bearings. It rides like a dream; I was only planning to ride from Gerrard back to Broadview TTC, but I zoomed all the way along Gerrard to Main St station. And this was me having hardly been on a bike since last year.

I think the rear derailleur may be on its way out, ‘cos it still makes clonky noises in lowest gear. But it’s looking great, and running great, and best of all, Cogs did the work for a very reasonable price. I am happy.

leaving Calgary

The conference was good (learnt a lot about wind integration and forecasting), but I was most taken with the little Richardson’s Ground Squirrels that lived in burrows around the hotel.

no wonder it didn’t drain

Witness this opened-up downpipe I hacked out the weekend:


 That’s a solid plug of roots that had grown about 20cm up. There was also no discernible drain at the bottom of the pipe, so it was basically just dumping into the flowerbed.

strange seminar thoughts

Questions at this seminar are being taken on index cards. I’m just waiting for a moderator to say: “… and our next question is – a very nice little drawing of a cat” (holds up card, delegates go awww).

run screaming from the building

I’m attending the CanWEA / AWEA Wind Integration & Forecasting seminar in Calgary. While the hotel is very nice, I should’ve pegged there might be trouble when the room next door to mine is marked Crew Lounge. And yep, between 0100 and 0300, the crew was there. And they lounged loudly.

twang twang

I had my first guitar lesson with Nichol Robertson last night at Steve Briggs‘s place. It’s strange coming to guitar from another stringed instrument. I’m still convinced that the guitar has one string too many. But then, my guitar teacher is better known for playing the banjo, and my banjo teacher is better known for playing the guitar, so I may be confused. Garmin Geko 201 GPS plus extras

I’m selling my Garmin Geko 201 GPS plus extras on eBay (item 320106781450). I’ve been very happy with it, and the only reason I’m selling it is because I just upgraded to a GPSMap 60CSx. Dave has a similar unit, and I was very impressed with the way it handled routing when we drove around Vancouver.

Most of the reviews of the unit seem to be pretty on the mark: accurate location, quick acquisition, and an ability to find a signal with little or no skyview. While the 60CSx does appear to work indoors, it suffers from weird track  jitter.

now feisty – and 64 bit!

I reinstalled Ubuntu completely last night, and took the opportunity to go to AMD64 mode. I had to sacrifice the cheapo ndiswrapper wireless card, so am now running a switch off the wireless bridge. So it works now!

It looks like Perl really doesn’t like 64-bit. CPAN‘s having difficulty building.

Bluffer’s Park notes

(click image for gallery)

Sights: water, bluffs, rock, birds, blue sky.

Sounds: water, redwing blackbirds, grackles, geese, falling limestone.

Smells: the lighting of BBQs.