goatee-stroking musing, or something

no wonder it didn’t drain

Witness this opened-up downpipe I hacked out the weekend:


 That’s a solid plug of roots that had grown about 20cm up. There was also no discernible drain at the bottom of the pipe, so it was basically just dumping into the flowerbed.

o canada

you suck, Hershey’s!

We made a special detour via Smith’s Falls, and the Hershey factory store had no Payday bars. Aargh!



elf power play Toronto, and that night I’m stuck in London. Argh!


dino out

Aargh, I hate finishing an Eric Garcia Rex book. I don’t get lost in too many books, but Eric’s ones do that for me. I’d finished Hot & Sweaty Rex, then re-read Anonymous Rex ‘cos I couldn’t get enough of that dino-noir (dinoir?)

Garcia’s books are clearly works of fiction. I mean, to say that 5% of the population are dinosaurs in heavy disguise — the real number’s much higher

Wind Things

no standard offer goodness for WindShare

Tallking to the OPA today, it seems that WindShare doesn’t qualify for SOC because it’s behind ExPlace’s meter. Aargh!

Update: I got a call from the OPA; they were wrong. Grandfathered embedded generation such as the WindShare turbine will be eligible after all.

computers suck

aargh, why’d ya do it

yes, it is windows
Because the Mini-ITX box was sitting doing nothing all these months while there was much bickering amongst the driver developers. At least this will work, for smallish values of ‘work’.


worst earworm ever

No, not Badger Badger Badger, but The Flying Pickets’ acappella cover of Yazoo’s “Only You”. Argh.