on missing the boat

Nothing quite like missing the Tsawwassen ferry by one minute.

(And this post was photographed and sent entirely on blackberry. The geotag I cheated and used my Garmin. I had time to kill …)

la belle province

quebec wind projects

Hydro-Québec announced their wind RFP winners yesterday. It’s a huge deal for the industry; more than 2000 MW of contracts awarded, with commissioning dates ranging from 2011-2015. Enercon and REpower won all the manufacturing; strict local content requirements mean that they will have to set up shop in Québec.

This is good for the Canadian industry. Now the real work begins.

i love this city

I’m sad to leave Montréal. Not just was it one of the most productive work weeks I’ve ever had (thanks to the fine folks at Hélimax), but the city is great. I’ve had some spectacular meals here – the two little bistros within walking distance of the office are fantastic; way better than the 40+ mediocre fast-food outlets near my office. One evening we went to Pintxo – nummy Basque food.

I think I’d probably eat less here, because the food is worth savouring. There’s care and love in the food here, not boil-in-the-bag slop.

need for speed

If you are finding your Ubuntu upgrade slow, I found it worth changing my default download server. Under System -> Administration -> Software Sources you can choose a new server. It has a Choose Best Server test, which pings all 185 Ubuntu download servers and picks the best one for you.

The default Canadian server is swamped at the moment, but the good people at Rochester Institute of Technology are the fastest for me.

uh …. Calgary?

Look, I know the Flames won last night, but that’s no excuse for all the snow we’re getting today. C’mon, it’s spring!

the cure for hockey

• • • •

• • •

• • • •

The above is a pictorial representation of the 11 additional pucks required so that they wouldn’t need to fight over one. Please donate generously, and you can help Canada become a world-class country with a proper sport …

geese! geese! geese!

Because I saw geese flying north today, and because of the rim, it is officially spring in Scarborough. (The ~20cm of snow is merely an anomaly).