Tim’s Discourse (in which soup nearly comes down Stewart’s nose)

Grabbed a Tim’s lunch today, and glad I sat in, otherwise I would have missed the following:

One: I heard this astrologer say the science shows …
Two: Astrology’s not a science!
One: Okay, well, but he says a lot of professors agree with him, and he’s got scientists working for him, and he says you can predict things.
Two: What sort of things?
One: Well, he said that on 9/11, Saturn and Mars were aligned with Uranus …
Two: Wasn’t my anus!

(I think they may have been discussing Richard Tarnas, who was on CBC last night.)

tim gotta dexit

I noticed that one of the PATH Tim Hortons now has a Dexit machine. I’m glad I can’t remember where it as, as I think I’d die if I went there too often.