computers suck

MS Word will break your links!

I was pleased to see that my nerrrdy Bourgoin mini-zine got cited in an art workbook for schools: Islamic mosaics activity (Patterning) from MathWeave. Yay!

But the link in the workbook doesn’t work! I mean, it looks right:

While the real link is:

Only when you copy the bad URL do you see the problem:

Word has changed the pasted ‘-’s to ‘‐’s: that’s from U+002D HYPHEN-MINUS to U+2010 HYPHEN. You’d have thought that software that was smart enough to recognize an URL would also be smart enough not to do any messing with the characters in it …

computers suck

How to select broken URLS from e-mail

(without resorting to, or when posting …)

Some mail clients wrap URLs in a way that breaks their ability to be clicked on. Trying to explain a method to fix this is tiresome, so here’s an animation that explains it:

a_handy_guide_to_fixing_broken_urlsBasically, it helps to select the URL from the end to the start. Once you’ve got all the text, copy it, and paste it into your browser’s location bar.

o canada

ex Ex

We’re just back from the Ex, a little urpy from the rides and a surfeit of Tiny Tom donuts. It was worth it.

taken at the Ex, 2002

Wind Things

gone with the wind

I see that Americas Wind Energy updated their website to replace the site I wrote for them a couple of years back. It’s purty, but:

  • The page URL sometimes inexplicably switches to from
  • The product page for the AWE 52-750 shows a bunch of non-operational turbines.
  • The AWE 52-900 page also has a picture of a parked turbine, and it looks a lot like Tallon Energy’s 52-750 at Pincher Creek.
  • More parked turbines on the 54-900 page, and occasionally a completely different machine is shown.

Oh wait, I get it – it’s a random turbine image for each page. Hmm.

o canada Wind Things

part of the landscape

51c wind turbine stamp
I see that wind turbines make it on to the recent 51 cent stamp series. I guess they’re part of the landscape now.
(Would it be astonishingly churlish of me to point out that the flag is flying one way, and the turbines facing the other?)

computers suck



the old country

the ruglonian conspiracy

Alex, who bags groceries at Denninger’s in Burlington commented on my Nairn’s oatcake purchase. Seems he’s from Rutherglen and environs too.

computers suck

now that’s what I call an URL!

Yes, there really is a Here’s one for this blog: