Main Steak House Deli

We’d been to Schwartz’s before, and the line and the crush and the noise just wasn’t worth it. Across the road is the Main Steak House Deli, which was supposed to be as good, and way less crowded. So we went in …

Whoa! Tender peppery meat, killer poutine, crispy pickles and cold beer. We ordered in hesitating French, then the server yelled the order in English to the kitchen.

Looks like not everyone’s billing workflow understands accents:

Outside, we saw meat resting in the window, bejewelled with peppercorns:

We’ll be back the next time we’re in Montreal.

stuck inside of T.O. with those K.C. blues again

With fresh memories of Arthur Bryant’s, I tried Phil’s Original BBQ (838 College, at Ossington). It does a very creditable BBQ brisket, and the got sauce has the right mix of vinegar and burn. Not so sure about the sweet sauce, which has enough sugar and cinnamon to make french toast happy.

There’s blues on the sound system, and the service is quick and friendly. The bread’s maybe a bit too good – hey, if Wonderbread works for Bryant’s – but maybe it’s the closest you’ll get to KC BBQ without driving 1600 klicks.