How to select broken URLS from e-mail

(without resorting to, or when posting …)

Some mail clients wrap URLs in a way that breaks their ability to be clicked on. Trying to explain a method to fix this is tiresome, so here’s an animation that explains it:

a_handy_guide_to_fixing_broken_urlsBasically, it helps to select the URL from the end to the start. Once you’ve got all the text, copy it, and paste it into your browser’s location bar.

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  1. If the email has lots of uneven line lengths, it may have gotten some Return characters mixed in. For that case, first open Notepad, paste the messy broken URL in there, and then use Del/Backspace to join the lines back together, taking care not to lose a single character of the text. A URL will not contain any spaces.
    Once it’s all on one line, select all, copy that afresh, then paste THAT into your browser’s address box.

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