Forward to Libraries: Toronto Public Library added

If you’re starting your research on Wikipedia, you’ll need to see what books are available on a subject for further study. Previously, you’d need to trawl the references manually, but John Mark Ockerbloom‘s Forward To Libraries (FTL) service makes that a whole lot easier. What FTL does is allow you to reach into nearly any library’s catalogue search from a subject link on Wikipedia.

John’s been getting some great press on this service, so I asked him to add Toronto Public Library to FTL. Here’s how it works:

Pretty neat, huh? Try other articles, like Pierre Trudeau, Arduino or the Canadian Shield.

It’s not actually that hard to add Library resources boxes to Wikipedia articles. There’s a tutorial in the Template:Library resources box page that shows you how. Researching the locator is the most difficult part, and that gets a lot easier the more you add.

cheque bookmark


Found in a library book. Had it been a higher denomination or not so old, I would have found a way to return it.

blog entry for dad

My folks have been visiting for the last couple of weeks (we’re just about to leave for the airport), and Dad asked for some links we discussed. The following will probably make little or no sense to other readers:

book no fair

I thought I might’ve had a couple of books waiting for me at the library yesterday, but all of these holds were waiting for me:

  • Banvard’s folly : thirteen tales of renowned obscurity, famous anonymity, and rotten luck / by Collins, Paul
  • Been brown so long it looked like green to me : the politics of nature / by St. Clair, Jeffrey.
  • Hey Rube : blood sport, the Bush doctrine, and the downward spiral of dumbness : modern history from the sports desk / by Thompson, Hunter S.
  • Mutants: on genetic variety and the human body / by Leroi, Armand Marie.
  • The pencil : a history of design and circumstance / by Petroski, Henry.

Looks like I’ve got a lot of reading to do in the next three weeks …