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so that just about wraps it up for vancouver

Q: What do you get after two days of rain in Vancouver?
A: Monday!

Well, I’m heading back, and quite typically, the sun came out today so I got a peek at the mountains. It’s been a fun, busy trip, even if I am using Telus‘s ridiculously expensive and slow hotspot in Vancouver airport.

goatee-stroking musing, or something

so it is true!

First-class airport lounges really do have free beer taps and open spirits gantries. It’s quite the opposite of the little shed that the Midwestern flights depart YYZ from.


blog entry for dad

My folks have been visiting for the last couple of weeks (we’re just about to leave for the airport), and Dad asked for some links we discussed. The following will probably make little or no sense to other readers:

o canada

Halifax Airport is officially pants

Halifax Airport is to be renamed after Robert Stanfield, whose family is well known for their underpants.

General Wind Things

And back home again

Coo, nearly all the snow has gone!

We did many wonderful things, and caught up with a whole load of old friends. Much will follow when I’ve unpacked my brain.

Scottish Coincidence #2: Sheldon asked if I knew of Dougie MacLean. I’ve seen him play live in Glasgow, and also been in his music pub in Dunkeld. Just as we were pulling into the car park at Glasgow Airport to fly back to Toronto, who should cross the road in front of us with a guitar in a flight case but …Dougie MacLean!