soan papri frenzy

I had this Indian sweet last night. It’s good; better than that, maybe. It’s an ultra-friable milk, sugar, flour and nut delicacy, with a strange layered consistency. If you thought that tablet melts in the mouth, this positively vanishes. Good stuff — I shall look out for it.
Update: I found it. Two stores within five minutes of the house have it. When it’s in little squares, it’s soan papri. When it’s in little cakes, it’s soan cake. Either way, it’s good.

i saw saws

You have got to see these folks! The Singing Saw Shadow Show were amazing the other night; wild raucous lo-fi that had me on the edge of my seat. I must get the old saw out and rosin the bow.

The support were interesting. Pyramid Culture, while better than Better Than Everyone, are okay if you want to learn about the perils of artificial sweeteners, face transplants and parasitic foetal twins. Faun Fables produced their art-rock pantomime The Transit Rider; fun, and with a fab rendition of The House Carpenter, too.

But go and see this Singing Saw Shadow Show if and when you can. They will blow you away.

ants! Ants!! ANTS!!!

We were somewhat troubled by ants last night, but they lapped up that borax, and we don’t see them any more. It’s kind of a sick little monkey way of killing them; feed them something sweet that, when fed to their leader, kills their society.