This wind study brought to you by the Canadian Nuclear Association

So there’s a new report on wind integration in Canada, written by The Conference Board of Canada. People are picking up on it, and even the doughty Refocus quotes… electricity from onshore wind is uneconomic in comparison with traditional alternatives“. Hmm.

So I read the report, and what do I find in the Preface?

As part of an ongoing initiative to investigate energy policy options and the future of the Canadian energy system, the Canadian Nuclear Association contracted The Conference Board of Canada to conduct a comparative study of various countries’ experiences with supporting and implementing large-scale wind projects.

So we’re expected to believe that the CNA would wish to have an objective and non-partisan report written on wind power, eh?

canadian moment

A CN freight rumbles up to Kennedy on the rail spur just south of Eglinton. It stops. Two men get out. They walk up to Tim’s on the corner of Kennedy and Eglinton. They come back with double-doubles and donuts. The engine starts, the crossing lights flash, and off goes the train through the intersection.

Oops …

I think a CN freight train has just derailed on the spur behind our house. Last time that happened, Kennedy Road was closed all day.

Nice day for it, tho’.

Update, 11:20: Nah, it was just having a wee sleep on the tracks. It was making noises that a train shouldn’t make, though. Let’s see if the tracks make it through this summer.

bogla bogla bogla

cn train
Something odd has started to happen on the CN freight link behind our house. Trains have started stopping on it for up to a day at a time, right next to the level crossing.

They stop with their engine running, so we have to deal with fumes and noise. I know it’s cold and all, and it would be hard to restart a big engine, but do they really need to keep this thing going for 24 hours in a residential area?

If you’re wondering about the title, that’s the sound that trucks, buses and other commercial vehicles make in British political cartoonist Steve Bell’s strip, If.