positively brisling with joy

I have recently discovered sardines. They used to be the low point of a Scottish High Tea for me, as they’d be dragged out of their oily can and mashed — skins, spines and all — onto toast. This is less than appetising for a hungry kid already fixated on the scones and cake on the table.

But I know understand why my dad would hoover them up with such gusto. I’ve discovered Club des Millionnaires Boneless, Skinless Sardines. These are like the best tuna you’ve ever tasted, yet sweeter and more satisfying. In a pita, on oatcakes, they’re great. Snacked out the can is good too, if you’re desperate.

Club des Millionnaires also has a Sardine FAQ, which makes rewarding, if extremely silly, reading.


Smiley Bagel
I made bagels this morning. We just ate them. Yum.