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I’m still waiting

One of the side effects of Catherine’s Library Quest is that she digs through the sale books. She’s found a library getting rid of National Geographics for 25¢. September 1969’s issue, published when I was less than a season old, has a great and hilariously dated article The Coming Revolution in Transportation. It’s all hovercraft and personal transport pods (though none less than the Federal Highways Administration’s The Rambler cautions don’t blame the future when we read this article).

My favourite prognosis from the article is this one, on electric cars:

Electric cars should be common within a decade. They will be “pure” electrics, if batteries become lighter, more powerful, and longer lasting; otherwise, “dual-mode” vehicles—battery-powered in town but propelled by gasoline engines on cross-country trips.

It took just a little longer than this, and it sure wasn’t GM who brought the first ones to market, despite this picture of a hybrid Opel from 1969:

Hybrid Opel car from 1969 - National Geographic

goatee-stroking musing, or something

pig out!

Every restaurant is packed out tonight – except Phở Vietnam. Then we realised that tonight is the eve of the Year of The Pig (Hogmanay, as it were), so of course the place was quiet.

choons General

the late bp helium rocked the boat

the late bp helium played The Boat last night, and as a wise man once said, the crowd roared like a lion. I love that psych guitar sound that he has, and the band is really tight together. I got a chance to chat with Bryan — whom I know from fegmaniax — and he’s a fine bloke. He has mad guitar skills, to boot; reminds me of The Soft Boys, with serious effects pedals.
Jack & Ginger were excellent too, as were Henri Fabergé & The Adorables.

computers suck

pocket mail

Gmail works flawlessly on the BlackBerry. Wish I could find a general POP3 client for my other mail…

o canada Wind Things

Photos of Toronto’s WindShare Coop AGM 2006

Paul Gipe posted pictures of the Toronto’s WindShare Coop AGM 2006.

Wind Things

WindShare AGM 2006

WindShare is having their AGM tonight. I got a nice plaque for my years on the board.

goatee-stroking musing, or something

Stewart’s long walk

After picking up my UK passport form at Bay & College, I walked to Spadina Subway. Not far, you’d say. It is if you go via College all the way to Dufferin, and back. 7.3 km, I make it, from the amazing Gmaps Pedometer. I went via Canada Computers (where I got a fantastically quiet Vantec case fan) and Soundscapes (where, of course, I bought too many CDs).

And you know why it was such a long walk? I was looking for a Timmy’s. Sad, isn’t it? It would seem that Little Italy is almost totally free of Tim’s. Yes, I know I could have had fantastic espresso and some kind of pastry there, but I wanted Tim’s, and I was prepared to walk for over an hour in sub-zero temperatures to get it, dammit.

goatee-stroking musing, or something

Long ago, used to be the web home for The Quigmans, a comic of slightly higher than usual amusement.

But now it’s not. It’s about The Quigmans, but not in a way you’d expect.