We found a baby bunny by the side of the road. He seems a bit stunned, but otherwise okay.

Zoë has veterinarian training, so she’s looking after him.

He fits in the palm of your hand, and is unbearably cute.

Here’s a better picture (thumbnail links to larger image):

Dave’s picture of the bunny

Both pictures by Dave.


  1. what are the chances if you left him there his parental unit might have found him?

  2. Better chance to get run over by a car… anyway, thats one Cute bunny! 😀

  3. CUTE BUNNY!does anyone know where I might get a free or really cheap bunny?

  4. He is CUTE as hell~~~~ my dear, I just can’t believe it, I will kiss him like there is no tomorrow

  5. Rosa,
    Animal shelters have a lot of cute bunnies!They are all waiting for people to adopt them.

  6. ur bunny is soooooooooooooooooooooo cute aawwwwwwwww
    xx xx xx xx xx


  8. 1) all bunnies are cute! its their defineing attriburte!

    2) check out the house bunny society!

  9. That’s nice…I found one two but mine died August 29, 2006….she look just like yours!

  10. AWWW I WANT HIM!! he is so cute but my dog would eat him so yeahwait boy or girl?

  11. i want my bunnie but he ran away…ANYWHO, cutest bunnie ever!!!!and…James i hope ur kidding…:(

  12. Rose: It depends on where you live. My mom has a friend that lives close by, we give her our rabbit litters and she sells them at the auction. Probably something like $5 for a baby, and $15 for an adult.
    We live in PA, btw.
    (Currently we have about 13 bunnies!)

    (did that post?)

  13. adorible bunny i have a baby bunny just like it named lilly but my mom won’t let me keep it i cried for about a half hour but i will always remember Lilly

  14. Awwwwh (: Awesome. Is It A Wild Rabbit? Near Where I Live, 2 Grown Rabbits And About 15 Babies Run Around The Field.. They’re SOOO Cute (:

  15. OMG!By the way Rose,if you want a cute bunny,go to ur local SPCA.There ther are lots of adorable bunnies looking for homes!They may not be cheap(up to $50)but they are friendly AND very cute!

  16. Hi omg what a sweet bunny i have one his name is Sherlock and he is a Dwarf Rabbit i love him to bits he already knows Come jump back up those are his tricks he LOOOOVES treats what will you name this sweetheart cause i would name him
    1 Sugar
    2 Tiny
    3. Brownie

  17. i have a rabbit but i have never seen one that small but im gald that you found him/her b/c without you it will die

  18. what an adorable rabby it is!
    Well, I think that show us, how great is our lord so that He can create such a cute creature! ^o^

  19. thats well cute i have 2 rabbits a giunea pig 2 rabbits and a hamster but none of them are that cute!!!! its the size of my hamster by the looks of things… good luck;)

  20. My bunny is bigger.I saw a bunny a size of a new born hamster.At my niece’s school park.

  21. That’s a cute bunny! Looks so small and fragile. How is the bunny doing three years later?

  22. That bunny is soo cute, i had a bunny during the christmas time a few years back and it use to chew on the christmas tree. Sooo cute!

  23. Yes, I really hope james was kidding v.v I ahve a bunny but he is a big boy. He needs a friend ^_^

  24. omg that is soooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! I want one like that soo badd!!.. today i am going to the pet store to go look at dwarf rabbits… gold ones in particular.. im gona name (her) biscuitt.. how cuteeee.. cant wait!!! 🙂

  25. hey I m from luxemburg!
    i have two bunnys 🙂
    he is so cute..
    this is my first jear english in the school…..

  26. ooooooohhhhhhhhhh
    dat sum cute buuny dnt u noe where i could get a bunny for cheap like dat size

  27. i love bunnies, i once found a bunny nest full of new born baby bunnies. there mother left for food, we watched the nest by our window so no harm would come to them while there mother was gone. then a swarm of crows swarmed for the nest. i ran outside to stop thm. luckly none of the baby bunnies were hurt. my sister was a vet in training so we brought the eight baby bunnies back to my house and wrapped them in a towel. we put the nest outside with the bunnies in it so it could get its momthers milk and food. the mother didnt even know we had it. but a few nights later the crows came back and took over the nest. we didnt know if some of the bunnies survived because they were with there mom at the time. but we have a good feeling that one or a few survived becausethe crows were trying to get under the pourch to get the escapers.

  28. AWWWWWW! What a cute bunny, that is the cuttiest, widdlest thing ive EVEr seen!!!! I would call him CARL!!! Yeah, and we would run through the fields together, i can just see it now…..YEAH CARL! (thinking about adopting a pet…hmmm)

  29. Would you like it if you left your child near your mailbox and tell him/her to stay there so you can get some food for a picnic and then 1 minute later find out that he/she is missing?! That’s a little something called: BUNNYNAPPING!!! What you did was cruel and mean. First rule of bunnies: You can make sure it’s safe to get a bunny WHEN YOU BUY IT AT A PET STORE. You had to SAVE MONEY, so instead you decide to take the poor baby from it’s parents. If bunnies could cry, I bet his parents would be crying forever and ever and ever. ='(

  30. I should point out, Anna, that we found this bunny in the gutter of a very busy road. No parent remotely in evidence. And rabbits don’t have picnics; you’ve been reading a bit much B. Potter.

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