lucky in her favourite snoozing space, 1994Lucky, in her favourite snoozing space, 1994.

I don’t like prunes, but I do like prune

Just spent a pleasant morning munging gps data and photos using Prune. It has allowed me to edit a complex GPS track, add many photos, correctly correlate them to GPS locations, and save it all back out in a variety of useful formats.

I see that the author is talking about producing a native KDE version. Noooo! I like my Java. It runs everywhere.

(Incidentally, I see that with the recent software update, the Blackberry Curve will now geotag images from the camera. It’s now a really good “I was here” device – coming close to the “Utensil” that Robyn Hitchcock spoke about years ago.)

a big fan of picasa

I’ve just started using Picasa, and its ease of use is great. It does all you (well, okay, I) really need of a photo editor, with some nice effects. It also does cool things like handle raw images, and uses Google Earth to geotag images. Here’s one I prepared earlier:

giveaway: windshare turbine picture

WindShare / Toronto Hydro wind turbine

Decided to give away my favourite picture of the WindShare/Toronto Hydro wind turbine under an open licence.

Here are the file details:

File size    : 719263 bytes
File date    : 2003:02:23 16:25:10
Camera make  : NIKON
Camera model : E2500
Date/Time    : 2003:02:23 16:25:10
Resolution   : 1200 x 1600
Flash used   : No (auto)
Focal length :  8.9mm  (35mm equivalent: 58mm)
Exposure time: 0.0007 s  (1/1451)
Aperture     : f/3.4
ISO equiv.   : 100
Whitebalance : Auto
Metering Mode: matrix
Exposure     : program (auto)
Jpeg process : Progressive
GPS Latitude : N 43d 37m 54.98s
GPS Longitude: W 79d 25m 32.4876s
Comment      : WindShare / Toronto Hydro wind turbine
Comment      : Exhibition Place, Toronto
Comment      : taken on opening day, 23 Feb 2003
Comment      : licensed Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Creative Commons by the
Comment      : creator, Stewart C. Russell / - 23 March 2008

It’s also on flickr and Wikimedia Commons.

the land camera


RB67, 127mm @ f/3.8, expired Polaroid 664, 1/125s

My first attempt with the RB67 and Polaroid back. With the metering prism and the handgrip, the RB67 weighs over 4kg, so it’s not something you want to wave about.

Something’s a bit weird with my film. Every picture I take has the top left corner missing:


 Is the developer dry? Am I pulling the film through the rollers too slowly? Too fast? I dunno.

Erie Shores Wind Farm

one of 66 wind turbines at Erie Shores

We stayed over in St Thomas the other night, and on the way back came through Erie Shores Wind Farm. I spent a lot of time working on the layout design for this project, but up until now I’ve never seen it built. Sure, I saw some holes in the ground, but nothing higher. Here’s my gallery of mediocre photos: Erie Shores Wind Farm (and man, I must clean my D70’s sensor).

There’s clearly good local acceptance of the project. The beach washrooms have been repainted with a mural that includes a wind turbine, Bayham’s building an interpretive centre, and in downtown Port Burwell, there were cars with Support Wind Energy stickers. It made me happy.

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 02007

Ned Hanlan

My Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 02007 gallery for Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day.I made an f/90 pinhole lens for the D70 today. Results are not bad. True pinhole freaks will decry the fact that I could just sight through the SLR viewfinder, so all of the images are uncropped.

I also took a roll on my Zero 2000 120 rollfilm pinhole camera. I have to take the film into Toronto Image Works to see the results.

Man, but do pinhole lenses resolve the grot on your DSLR sensor!