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the Henry’s tax

  • Vivitar 285HV flash unit from Henry’s – C$189.99
  • Vivitar 285HV flash unit from B&H – US$89.95 (about C$97.50)

Henry’s has used units for the $75-90 range, too. I wonder if they ever manage to sell any of them?


Splodges Abounding to the Chief of Sinners

Guess I’ll have to work on my sensor cleaning game, ‘cos this is what I see (a blue sky, with contrast racked way up, and at 2x scale) on the bottom right of my D70 sensor:

post-cleaning splodges on the sensor of my D70

The other troublesome marks are gone, so I guess it kinda works. I used the American Recorder Digital Sensor Swab Kit from Henry’s, and the mirror lock up instructions from

Y’know, that pattern of splodges looks awfully like the indentations on the end of the swab …