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cn train
Something odd has started to happen on the CN freight link behind our house. Trains have started stopping on it for up to a day at a time, right next to the level crossing.

They stop with their engine running, so we have to deal with fumes and noise. I know it’s cold and all, and it would be hard to restart a big engine, but do they really need to keep this thing going for 24 hours in a residential area?

If you’re wondering about the title, that’s the sound that trucks, buses and other commercial vehicles make in British political cartoonist Steve Bell’s strip, If.

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  1. Hey friend,

    I know what you mean; I live near Kennedy and Eglinton as well, the reason why they leave the train running when they stop before the railway crossing is because the crew went into Tim Hortons to grab lunch.

    The reason, why the crew keeps the engine running, is to prevent the engine from getting cold again, which can cause hard starts. The engine is started with an electric starter…. back in the day…. they use Air Starters.

    You can always request the crew to turn off the engine.

    The Locomotive is a Electro Motive Division (EMD) GP-9RM, it has a horsepower ratio of 1200HP.

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