just hope I didn’t get a wee girl’s christmas present by mistake

This arrived today:

A bright pink EMUS soprano ukulele from Empire Music. I’m confused — not merely because I’ve never known Canada Post to deliver on a Sunday, but:

  • I haven’t ordered from Empire since 2007
  • I have a ukulele already
  • I’m relatively unlikely to have ordered a pink one.

It actually plays quite well — but where did it come from?

a sneaking respect for convolvulus

Our front garden seems to be mostly convolvulus; that sneaky bindweed that trails white or pink trumpet-shaped flowers. It grows so fast, I’m wondering if you could harvest it for biomass energy.

I really dislike gardening, except for growing sunflowers. There are a bunch coming up quite well. I wonder if anyone else would like to use the rest of the garden, or suggest things to do with it?