Eugene’s fishing line header hack for Raspberry Pi Zero

0.38 mm / 5.4 kg test Trilene threaded through Raspberry Pi Zero header holes
0.38 mm / 5.4 kg test Trilene threaded through Raspberry Pi Zero header holes holds jumper wires snugly without soldering

Eugene “thirtytwoteeth” Andruszczenko (of Game Boy Zero – Handheld Edition fame) posted a neat idea to help your Raspberry Pi Zero take jumper wires without soldering. He threaded fishing line through the 40 hole header, making an interference fit for header pins. I tried it with 0.38 mm Trilene, which worked rather well.

A most excellent reel de-spooler

A family member gave me his old Abu Ambassadeur C3 along with a nice little custom carbon baitcaster rod. There was some old monofilament on the reel that I’d need to change out; but how to despool it?

It turns out that a toilet roll tube is a light friction fit onto the keyless chuck of my cordless drill. Wedge the end of the line under the tube, put the reel into casting mode, and (gently) rev up the drill. You’ll need to guide the line so it doesn’t run off into the drill shaft. Takes a minute or so to empty the whole reel.

Once you’re done, take a pair of snips and cut the cardboard tube lengthwise, cutting through the fishing line as you go. This ensures that there are no long bits of nylon that can trap wildlife, as fishing line biodegrades very slowly.

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people are stupid

There’s going to be some ranting here, so I advise folks to look at this nice picture of a monarch butterfly I took at Bluffer’s Park today, and move along:

monarch butterfly - spotty!

In the park there was a gull that wasn’t moving like the others. I got close to it, and discovered there was a large fishing lure lodged through its beak. I had no way of helping it, and a nearby parks crew couldn’t do anything either. It could fly, just, but the big lure slowed it down, and the trailing fishing line mad it stumble.
I know gulls are often seen as nuisance birds, but no animal deserved
this fate. There’s no fishing and no kite flying in this park because there are so many birds. I’m angry that someone could be so thoughtless.

There’s a picture below the fold. You probably don’t want to see it.

Energy Saving Tips for Canadians, #1: a name thing

Canadians are remarkably profligate in their energy use, and I think I know why. It’s not to do with the oft-cited scale of the country, the size of our houses, our cold winters or our hot summers, it’s something simpler than that; it’s what we call our electricity.

Power here is generally known as hydro, and with it comes images of tree-lined rivers with bears happily fishing for salmon. Local electricity companies tend to have that watery thing in their name: Toronto Hydro, Hamilton Hydro, London Hydro (Crieff Hydro is something quite different, though). Some happy green images, eh?

I propose that we stop using the term hydro, and replace it with the snappier smog belching, nuke leaking, only fractionally hydro. It’d certainly make yer average Kathy or Doug drop their double-double (or donut, or dumaurier) when they got their smog belching, nuke leaking, only fractionally hydro bill in. Energy use would plummet, and at no cost to anyone!

gone fishin’

Dave Raine said he’d take us to dinner at a fishing store. Woo, we thought; hot dogs and soda while he dug for bait. Ths isn’t the case when the fishing shop is the HQ of Bass Pro Shops in Springfield, MO. They have a fantastic restaurant, complete with cordon bleu chef. Who knew?

(and who knew that I’d end up with a fishing rod from there, either?)