Circuit Playground Express Remote-Controlled Fart Machine

I’m not proud of this, but I made it so you won’t have to:

Craig at Elmwood Electronics very kindly gave me an ADABOX 006. It’s based around Adafruit’s Circuit Playground Express which just happens to feature a small built-in speaker, IR remote control and the ability to play back audio samples. You see where this is going, don’t you?

If you must make this, the code and samples are here: You’ll also need to install the Adafruit CircuitPython IRRemote package into the lib/ folder of your Circuit Playground Express. Point the remote at the board, and it’s left arrow to fart, right arrow to chuckle.

The package includes CC0-licensed samples downloaded from Freesound.

Ten year blog anniversary!

I’ve been at We Saw a Chicken … for 10 years now. From a tiny first post to now, it’s always been filed firmly under “misc.”: no theme, no ads, no plan, and (until recently) no readers ☹

It’s been on two different hosts and two different platforms. It’s still obscurely named. It took a brief orange-carpeted journey into the 1970s. Dave‘s picture of a tiny bunny in my hands still gets more hits than I can believe. There was the whole WindSave thing, and the whole other pointless and ugly megabins thing. Then there was Raspberry Pi and The Quite Rubbish Clock; I got more hits in a week than I got in the previous nine years.

Sunday night at the chalet

The craving for second-rate chicken came over me. So I’m sat here in the chalet next to two couples who are having a conversation from two decades ago: how they drive out their way for Burger King, how the auto industry’s dying (but still a good place for a pension), bemoaning the lack of the Gardner extension, why recycling doesn’t work … and how John Tory’s a really nice guy who just can’t catch a break.

Just another Sunday night in Scarborough.