not overthinking Raspberry Pi enclosures one bit …

I was half way through marking out the Raspberry Pi‘s shipping box to cut out as an enclosure

rpi shipping box

… when I spotted a SparkFun box from an Arduino shield. Aha! Nice thick corrugated card that was reasonably easy to cut with a very sharp knife.

fits nicely

<voice_of_experience>NB: At this point it would have been much wiser to have inserted a memory card before laying this out.</voice_of_experience>

cut out slots for connectors on lid

You’re going to have to cut out slots for connectors on the side of the lid. I marked out the path of the lid by closing the box and shading the path that went by the hole I’d cut. Basically, any cardboard you see passing by the hole has to be cut out.

now with memory card

Now with memory card — and you can see I was a bit off.

the pain of misalignment

The pain of misalignment, as seen by the HDMI plug. Knives out!

finally all snugged into the box

It’s finally all snugged into the box. It’s not going to move about with all the connectors holding it in place.

don't forget the cutout for the video cable

Don’t forget the cutout for the video cable in the box flap. I only caught this at the very last moment.

The Raspberry Pi does run faintly warm in the box. I suspect with the warmth, and all the little cutouts, this will shortly become an A-1 Special spider habitat.



A tiny garden spider on sunflower seedlings.

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spiders have flown

spiders 2

The garden spiders have flown the coop, and set up all round the garden. I don’t know how many of their little webs I had to scoop out of the deck before I started staining it.

(incidentally, if you like spider pics, Opo Terser makes wonderful ones. My desktop now features this little cutie [caution: will squick out arachnophobes])

spiders on their birthday

spiders on their birthday
We found thousands of these yellow and black spider hatchlings in the garden this morning. Happy birthday, little spiders!

They are apparently (European) Garden Spiders, Araneus diadematus.

(I over colour-corrected the original photo; it’s here if you preferred it.)

bo the spider

We have quite the colony of largish, leggy spiders in our basement. They pretty much keep to themselves, as they have plenty of work thinning the woodlouse herds.

I was improvising a barre-chord hambone beat on the tele, when I noticed one of the spiders walking towards me. I stopped; it stopped. I started again; so did it. I switched to the 12-string acoustic and started bashing out the same rhythm; spider was like “meh” and stayed put.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a spider with the soul the late Mr Diddley in our basement …