computers suck

speaks to my condition

— from pictures for sad children.

goatee-stroking musing, or something

maybe a bit too nerdy

MidpSSH on my Blackberry talking to a screen session on my home server running a bittorrent client (and no, this doesn’t mean that I was torrenting over a mobile network).


“boing twang”, as Arnie would say

I’m going to the Midwest Banjo Camp this summer! W00t!

(and yes, I’ve set up a Banjo Hangout account. It’s like myspace for banjo nerds.)

bike stuff

a joy forever

a thing of beauty

I finished fixing up the brakes on the Super Galaxy, and put new handlebar tape on the bars. I still suck at fitting bar tape; should’ve stuck to my old standard Benotto tape, which, while almost useless for shock absorption, is cheap and easy to fit.

Once all was fitted, I took it for a spin. The new brakes are a delight; very positive and extremely powerful. I will enjoy riding again.

(And yes, you bike nerds, there is no straddle cable in that picture.)

Wind Things

first day new job

I had a good day. There was a lot of administrivia, setting up e-mail accounts, form filling, and learning about the network, but that’s all once off. The afternoon was mostly spent fighting with my new BlackBerry (a 7130e, you nerds), which works as a very nice phone, but the e-mail isn’t set up.

My cube has a view, and the transit is great. I’m happy.