Canadian Wheat Boards: #1 & #2

Canadian Wheat Board #1
Canadian Wheat Board #2

Organic Canadian wheat on red cedar, beeswax encaustic; 72 × 182 mm.

In the Synthetic History of Canada, there was no symbol more evocative of hearth and home than the wheat board. Reconstructed here by the artist in the traditional materials of cedar [strength], wheat [abundance] and beeswax [cohesion], the wheat board is a forgotten part of Canadian lore. Its rediscovery as a domestic art form brings new hope of a progressive national identity.

Wind Things

This is good …

Winds Of Change :: Stories of a dawning Wind Power Industry is Danish wind pioneer Erik Grove-Nielsen’s story of the early years of the wind industry. It’s very much a work in progress, but it shows very well how things have come on since the 1970s.

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they own 1983

Go and see The History Boys. Sharp dialogue, killer casting and and a great depiction of the time (post-Falklands Thatcherism just finding its feet) — not a second of your time wasted.