I hate Sony

While I like my Cybershot P100, I can’t believe that Sony would make the Memory Stick Pro incompatible with older Memory Stick readers. It’s bad enough that Sony had to created their own expensive, proprietary memory card format (which does exactly what better than CF or SD?), but to make it incompatible between revisions of itself is beyond inexcusable.

Y’see, I scored a cheapo Lexar multi card reader from CWO the other week because it was quite small and takes both CF and MS. I discovered this evening, when it failed to read my MS Pro cards (in the adaptor) but happily read my mum’s plain MS card, that the two formats are gratuitously incompatible. Um, hello, earth to Sony R&D …

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  1. yep right….many in general do not know…but sony is a sucker as i would say. those who choose to buy it, i feel sorry for them are doomed to buy memory sticks which are not any how compatable with sd/mmc’s nor are there any mc to sd/mmc adapters. the stick is properitory, so no mass production.

    seriously for sony…get some life..

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