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Dang, but did my Of Montreal recording from last night come out clipped. I blame it on:

  1. naïve user
  2. no level meters on the iRiver H120
  3. no ability to change the recording level in mid record with the iRiver H120
  4. my oldish Sony ECM-909’s odd habits

What I really need is a Reactive Sounds Boost Box; pricey, but nice. I wonder if Church Audio can do me anything cheaper?

But anyway, for now, here’s The Lollipop People‘s Fort Jesus [MP3].


‘Robyn Hitchcock and His Sadies’ – Toronto date announced

Robyn Hitchcock and His Sadies
Lee’s Palace, Toronto, ON
Saturday May 28, 2005 9:00 pm

Tickets $17.50, on sale now at TicketMaster.


Robyn Hitchcock & His Sadies

Can’t believe it — a special Toronto gig! No dates yet, but Zoilus has the dirt.

choons General

music nite!

We were at Hugh’s Room last Thursday to hear The Wailin’ Jennys. Support was Gregory Hoskins, who has the voice of Jeff Buckley, and the sensibilities of Tom Waits.

The Jennys were on fantastic form. Their lineup has recently changed, with Annabelle Chvostek. We’d seen her open for Evalyn Parry a while back.

Canadian music is a small world. Earlier in the week, I’d been told not to miss The Duhks, but I couldn’t make the show. Wouldn’t you know it, but WJ Ruth Moody was the lead singer of Scruj MacDuhk, the precursor of The Duhks.

choons o canada

old style new tunes

I heard Chris Coole, Erynn Marshall and Joe Phillips play The Cameron House last night. They were great!

Much to my surprise, the iRiver H120 actually recorded it quite well, even if I had to rack the microphone gain up to 100%.


Colin Meloy – Café du Nord, San Francisco, CA – 16 January 02005

Following on from my Decemberists theme, here’s Colin Meloy – Café du Nord, San Francisco, CA – 16 January 02005 as MP3.

The torrent of the original files is on easytree.

Thanks to Allen/gilbert for getting these to me.


The Decemberists, Lee’s Palace – 6 June 2004

Back on line: The Decemberists, Lee’s Palace – 6 June 2004

computers suck

livemp3 – convert those big old audio torrents to something listenable

You’ll need Perl, and Config::IniFiles.

Program: livemp3.

A sample ini file so you can see how to set this up: welch_rawlings_shepherds_bush.ini.

At the moment, this just generates output that you’ll need to feed to sh, but it handles renaming, converting and tagging MP3s to my satisfaction.

Update: it doesn’t handle FLAC tags, even though they’d be a good source of metadata. I may look into implementing that some day.


torrent: Circulatory System – Lee’s Palace, Toronto – 13 April 2003

Circulatory System
Lee’s Palace, Toronto
13 April 2003

Audience recording by Stewart C. Russell
Sony ECM-909A microphone
-> Sharp MD-SR60 minidisc
-> analogue PC soundcard.

Tracks split with Audacity, normalized with ‘normalize’.
Compressed with ‘flac –best’
288 megabytes.

Track List:

1 Yesterday’s World
2 Should a Cloud Replace a Compass?
3 [door/days]
4 Joy
5 Round
6 The Lovely Universe
7 Diary of Wood
8 Outside Blasts
9 [now]

— Pause to repair Will’s guitar —

10 Lately/Realize
11 Days To Come (In Photographs)
12 Waves of Bark & Light
13 Away

Track names in [square brackets] are unclear from the recording, and are from the (still) upcoming album

goatee-stroking musing, or something

“If there’s one thing I really, really hate …”

Just been listening to Bing Hitler – Live at the Tron, that being Craig Ferguson‘s early stage act, back when he was much funnier.

o canada sheesh!

The Mayor McCa Experience

Since I had no success/interest when I tried to torrent this show on sharingthegroove, I give you: Mayor McCa Live at Lee’s Palace, 18 June 2004.

  1. I’m So Poor. Buy My CD
  2. That’s A Wrap
  3. Hey Man, You Gotta Nice Job
  4. I Got A Haircut
  5. Funky Fresh Beets
  6. I Can’t Pay The Rent
  7. You Better Watch Out
General sheesh!

The Multi-Talented Mayor

One-man band singing sensation. Tapdancer. Comic book artist. Sometime mayoral candidate in Hamilton Donut Rock City. Is there no end to the talents of Mayor McCa? Why is he unknown outside Ontario?

I was on the guest list for his show at Lee’s Palace on Friday. CA was on first, so there wasn’t much of a crowd. This is the first time I’ve seen him in his one-man band persona. Much fun was had.

I recorded the show with the Mayor’s permission. I had the files online, but took them off when I ran out of space. Let me know if you want to hear them.

goatee-stroking musing, or something

Temporary hearing impairment for pleasure

(or, life without midrange)

The Apples in Stereo rocked The Horseshoe last night; Robert, Hilarie, John and Eric always give a great show, and they gave everything they had last night. It was especially cool, as Hilarie had just played a set as guitarist for her other band, High Water Marks.

Is it me, but on HWM’s song “Good I Feel Bad” do they really sing “She always keeps me open source”?