The Decemberists, Lee's Palace — 6 June 2004

Main Set

  1. The Bachelor And The Bride
  2. Leslie Anne Levine
  3. We Both Go Down Together
    (new song, possible title. Setlist said ‘WB2B’)
  4. A Soldiering Life
  5. Apology Song
  6. Billy Liar
  7. The Chimbley Sweep
  8. Kingdom Of Spain
    (new song)
  9. Los Angeles, I'm Yours
  10. The Tain


  1. Clementine
    (Elliott Smith cover)
  2. Pablo Picasso
    (Jonathan Richman cover)
  3. Red Right Ankle
  4. July, July
  5. A Cautionary Song
  6. Ask
    (Smiths cover)

About these files

Audience recording by Stewart C. Russell. Recorded to 44.1kHz WAV audio using a Sony ECM-909A microphone and iRiver H120 digital HD recorder. Tracks split with Audacity, normalized with normalize, and MP3 encoded with LAME.

Some parts of the recording are a little quiet. The H120 doesn't have a level meter.

The Decemberists are reportedly okay about live recording, but if this offends, please contact me, and I'll remove the content.