John Herald, RIP

I was sorry to hear that John Herald had died. We saw him play in Glasgow, just as he was recording Roll On John, his last — and probably only in-print — CD. He was a great entertainer.

The CD (linked above) was recorded with members of Radio Sweethearts, Battlefield Band and Belle & Sebastian. You’d like it.


Can I just say that Dressy Bessy‘s Electrified is currently rocking my world? Their noisy, joyous power-pop is a wonder to behold.

filesystem error mashup

Occasionally my iRiver’s filesystem will throw a wobbly, inserting a section of weirdness into a familiar tune. Tonight, near the end of Neutral Milk Hotel’s The King of Carrot Flowers Pts Two & Three [which, inexplicably, freedb has tagged as The King of Carrots and Flowers (parts two & three); it used to be correct. So much for the self-correcting nature of volksmetadata …] it inserted eight seconds of The Blind Boys of Alabama’s Look Where You Brought Me From.

RIP Hasil Adkins

Glad you made it so long; what the hell were you thinking, anyway?

They’ll be hunchin’ in heaven tonite.

gap delete bummer

Annoying bug in the iRiver 1.65U firmware for the H120; if you have Gap Delete enabled and play a short track with a few seconds of silence at the end, you lose a short section of the audio. It really ruins Ivor Cutler’s 1974 album Dandruff, where Vein Girl and The Painful League get the ends snipped off. Without Gap Delete, they play fine.


Dang, but did my Of Montreal recording from last night come out clipped. I blame it on:

  1. naïve user
  2. no level meters on the iRiver H120
  3. no ability to change the recording level in mid record with the iRiver H120
  4. my oldish Sony ECM-909’s odd habits

What I really need is a Reactive Sounds Boost Box; pricey, but nice. I wonder if Church Audio can do me anything cheaper?

But anyway, for now, here’s The Lollipop People‘s Fort Jesus [MP3].

of montreal, rightful rulers of the universe

I’m just back from hearing Of Montreal play at Sneaky Dee’s. My, that was a fine show.

The support was, uh, interesting. The first, The Lollipop People. They’re your usual art-rock chamber ensemble; fun enough if Grade-A Canadian Beefheart is your thing. If the second support band’s name Better Than Everyone is true, everyone is in real trouble. They had their troublesome cheapo electronic equipment turned up (and stuck at) suck.

So, Of Montreal; beautiful, melodic, loud pop with just a hint of disco. They pretty much ran through their current album The Sunlandic Twins, but it was a stellar performance. It’s still too soon — and I’m still too deaf — to be articulate on this show. The floor at Sneaky’s was jumping, everyone grooving.

More later. It’s early.

And I nominate the late b. p. helium as 2005’s Carnaby Street Scarecrow.

Chance encounters on the Ivor Cutler list

I joined ivor-list during the week. In this short time, I’ve met on the list:

Farewell, Mayor McCA

I hear that Hamilton’s beloved Mayor McCA is heading off to London (UK, that is) indefinitely. We’ll miss you, CA. Our loss is London’s gain.

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concrete Picaresque

I just scored a used copy of The DecemberistsPicaresque. And it’s not even due out for a couple of weeks.

You’ll like the photos. They’re very silly. Chris Funk looks good as a tree.

music nite!

We were at Hugh’s Room last Thursday to hear The Wailin’ Jennys. Support was Gregory Hoskins, who has the voice of Jeff Buckley, and the sensibilities of Tom Waits.

The Jennys were on fantastic form. Their lineup has recently changed, with Annabelle Chvostek. We’d seen her open for Evalyn Parry a while back.

Canadian music is a small world. Earlier in the week, I’d been told not to miss The Duhks, but I couldn’t make the show. Wouldn’t you know it, but WJ Ruth Moody was the lead singer of Scruj MacDuhk, the precursor of The Duhks.