filesystem error mashup

Occasionally my iRiver’s filesystem will throw a wobbly, inserting a section of weirdness into a familiar tune. Tonight, near the end of Neutral Milk Hotel’s The King of Carrot Flowers Pts Two & Three [which, inexplicably, freedb has tagged as The King of Carrots and Flowers (parts two & three); it used to be correct. So much for the self-correcting nature of volksmetadata …] it inserted eight seconds of The Blind Boys of Alabama’s Look Where You Brought Me From.

Good Activism Guide, from an unexpected source

Activism 101: An Introduction is a remarkably good guide on what you can do to get your voice heard in Canada. The source, however, is one that I’m probably the least aligned with: Focus on The Family (Canada).

This came via a link from boingboing’s Having fun with the FCC Whine-o-Matic, which alleges that 99.8% of the complaints going to the FCC about indecency are coming from the Parents Television Council Complaint Form.

Uncertain Slogan

Richard Iwanski phoned, and left me with this slogan:

Martyrs for Mammon & the American Way of Life:
a Vote for John Kerry is a Vote for Perpetual Purgatory

He and I are both not quite sure what it could mean, or what we can do with it.