Canada Day softball

On Canada Day, I rigged up my bicycle with a camera set to take a picture every 20 seconds, and a GPS to track my location. I had no control over when the camera would fire as I rode round the neighbourhood. Out of the 150+ photos it took, this one from Jack Goodlad park came out quite well:
The rest of the pictures are here: My Neighbourhood, Canada Day 2010 « Numpty’s Progress

Robyn Covers Syd

Robyn Hitchcock plays The Drake this weekend. Last night he covered Syd Barrett’s Terrapin. His Fylde has never sounded better.

Robyn Hitchcock - Terrapin


I’ve double booked myself tonight. Got a spare ticket for FRIGHTENED RABBIT if anyone wants it. Me, I ‘ll be at Hugh’s Room for the Carolina Chocolate Drops.

Old Man Luedecke instore

Old Man Luedecke just gets better and better. Here’s a half-hour instore he did at Criminal Records last week.

Old Man Luedecke - Criminal Records (Toronto) instore, 2010-04-08

life-changing roti experience

OM NOM NOM!!!!Had a really good chicken roti from Tropical Desires (224 Adelaide St W, Toronto). Really tender chicken, good veg, mild spices. They’ve only been open a couple of weeks, but I’m planning to be a regular.

It still amazes me that Burrito Boyz is full every day, yet this place is empty.

trying to determine whether my side of the tracks is the right one

My neighbourhood, Kennedy Park, is pretty much defined by the CNR tracks at the southeast and northwest corners. This is Toporama Web Map Service data overlaid on the | Open neighbourhood polygon:
kennedy park is mostly defined by CNR tracks
It’s all lit up! These are the houses in my streets, each one highlighted in QGIS:
your lower intestine, or all the houses in my street?
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