life-changing roti experience

OM NOM NOM!!!!Had a really good chicken roti from Tropical Desires (224 Adelaide St W, Toronto). Really tender chicken, good veg, mild spices. They’ve only been open a couple of weeks, but I’m planning to be a regular.

It still amazes me that Burrito Boyz is full every day, yet this place is empty.


  1. this place was a real disapointment. since the closing of Island foods at Dundas Sq, we were searching for a new place for curry chicken rotis. WE asked the server at “Tropical Desires” if the curry chicken roti was boneless, she said YES. well, when we got back to the office, and opened the pack, we all (3 of us) noticed an odd smell. Not spoiled, just different. WE continued to eat our “boneless” chicken rotis, only to find large peices of cartilage, and bones, as well as small bones, dried marrow inside. after pulling what seemed like almost a 1/4 of the volume out of bones, the 3 of us decided to continue. I had 1 bite before throwing it out. THIS PLACE IS DISGUSTING!!! if you love Ilsand foods, and that kind of taste, tropical desires is not for you. It is less than “desireable”

  2. Hmm, strange. I’m a regular there, as are many members of the office. Did you complain to them? Sounds like they gave you the wrong order.

    You occasionally get little bits of bone in any roti. I used to get that at Island Foods, too.

  3. ttried to complain to them, they are not answering th phone. Wrong order? i think not. IT was curry chicken, just pull of carcass. The curry used was very different from what they use at Island foods. The taste was not even there. I know with any meat dish you can expect the chance of bones. However, this was ridiculous. there is no way that when they were putting our orders together they could not see the bones, considering the chicken was in a small dice. THe bones and the other carcass was very noticable, especially since it had the joints in there. I am geting nautious again. Anhow, this was totally unacceptable. THey have lost business from at leasts 30 people here that I know of, as I know for a fact that others have tried their food. It is no comparion to Island foods. I am also part west indian, I have been to too several west indian restaurants and have NEVER had an experiance like this. We will never eat there again. Especially since I stressed to the server that we wanted a boneless chicken roti. i am only commenting on the Curry chick roti, maybe the other items on the menu are much better, however, my co-workers and I will never eat there again.

  4. Tastes differ, I guess. Island Foods was quite a distinctive flavour, different from any other I’ve tried.

    I did take a friend from Barbados to Island Foods, and he loved the goat roti.

    I’d also like to add that I’m not an employee of Tropical Desires; just a satisfied customer.

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