the drug of the nation, now at your station

I’m annoyed to see that United Mobile Broadcasting Corp has installed TVs in the GO trains. It will be all ads. As if we don’t have abbotances on the train. I wonder how much of a discount we’ll get on our passes now that GO has all this new revenue?

I’m particularly sensitive to moving images. I have to be prepared to see them (like in a cinema) else I get disoriented. Maybe I’ll barf on the train.

ack bleah

I picked up a pack of Wrigley’s Doublemint Kona Creme Coffee Flavored (as they say) Gum in Missouri last week. I strongly advise that you don’t.

To use the crude but apt expression coined by Jay Primeau to describe a badly-mixed Kahlua cocktail, it tastes like coffee flavoured ass. While chewing, it causes the gorge to rise (I think it’s the slightly minty edge of the gum base), and has an aftertaste akin to latte barf.

Canada’s own Thrills Gum may still taste like soap (as it says on the package, and they’re not lying), but this is just … eww.


I have gastric flu, and it’s a pain. This is my first barf episode in about 12 years. Basically, my body’s gone on autopilot, hitting me with D&V whenever is feels like it. It’s not pretty.