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Twice the price ain’t twice as nice

HP 35 from $43 HP 35 from $84

computers suck

I don’t see the DO NOT WANT option …

i don't want windows 7 in any way, shape or form(from

computers suck view your gift certificate balance

Very strange; doesn’t officially let you see your gift certificate balance (though they claim you can from the help pages). You can see your balance if you go here: (You might want to copy the URL and paste it so you can see there’s no trickery going on when you are asked for your password.)

This is just the balance page with the .com changed to .ca, but there’s no link from the Your Account page.

unclestuff Uncle: Books: J.P. Martin,Quentin Blake

w00t! New edition of Uncle, by J.P. Martin to be published June 2007!

(Thanks to Mike for bringing this to liontower.)