my lappy is not well

My ThinkPad T21 is dying. Well, its processor and interfaces are fine, but its backlight is erratic, the battery lasts about 20 minutes, and the case is badly cracked. Because it takes so long for the screen to come on, it’s almost no use as a portable computer.

It’s a shame; it has been a nice machine. I’d prefer not to have to buy a new machine — it’s a toss-up between another used ThinkPad, or a new iBook — but this gets me very frustrated. Catherine has been complaining about how tetchy I am about it.

I’ve probably been very bad at responding to e-mail over the last few weeks because of this. Apologies.


  1. Get an iBook. I’ve not put yellowhammer on mine as its really elaines. however a 15″ is wending its way to me soon so dual boot is on the cards.

  2. I second Neil’s above remark – and don’t forget to buy AppleCare when you get it (yes, it’s The Apple Tax, but you’ll hit yourself when the thing starts acting funny).

    With AppleCare you get your value by claiming repairs for even the most minor issues, such as “the little latch on the lid doesn’t always work” or “my power supply light doesn’t change colour when I charge my machine, even though it’s charging.”

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