Cello Banjo Blues

Marcy Marxer improvises on Gold Tone Cello Banjo prototype.

choons General

sawing for teens

The Singing Saw Shadow Show is about to play the Tranzac – multiple saws, guitar, cello and drums inside a backlit tent. I’m so there.

goatee-stroking musing, or something

shaving on the go

Neat eBay find; an unused Gillette Travel razor:

Gillette Travel Razor

It is absolutely tiny, and it looks as if it has never been opened, let alone used. The blades are still in their cellophane wrapping, and the razor has its cardboard “blade” in place. I wonder how old it is?
The case doesn’t look very robust (it’s that cardboard leatherette that falls apart at the slightest use) but I’ll be able to shave in style anywhere in the world.