Sandro Perri gives you Double Suicide

Sandro Perri sings Double Suicide [mp3].
(recorded live at Tranzac, 3 April 2008. Colin Fisher plays bouzouki and Brandon Valdivia is on snare and cymbals).


Casper and the Cookies Live at the Tranzac, 2007-05-03

I’ve uploaded Casper and the Cookies Live at Tranzac on 2007-05-03 to Doesn’t look as if mp3 conversion is working yet, so I guess I’ll do that for now.

Update: streaming tracklists – XSPF :: M3U


my guitar teacher can climb through a tennis racquet, yours can’t

I went to The Friendly Rich Show for the first time last night, and my mind capsized completely. I’d seen Friendly Rich & The Lollipop People before, but never as their full-on, prank-calling, burlesque-puppeting avant-cabaret show.

The Lollipop People are incredibly tight as a band, which must be hard when you’ve got a harpsichord, a bassoon, a full concert harp, and a banjo (binga-banga in Rich-speak) in the mix. I put it down to skilled musicians having fun, and Rich’s excellent direction.

The show is run by Soot, the almost wordless but entirely malicious stage manager. He grumbles his way from musical number, to animal trick show, to song, to prank call. Last night’s call was to order pizza from Pizza Pizza, and they didn’t take it too well. Nichol S. Robertson did indeed climb through a tennis racquet.

Last night’s  show was a little different, in that they performed Mussorgsky’s Pictures At An Exhibition (complete with Hammond and turntables). What was a lot more different was, while they were playing, a naked man in a wild man mask set fire to his, um, self. That’s gotta smart.

They’re playing again at the Tranzac on the last Friday of June. You should be there. It’s exactly like nothing else!

choons General

sawing for teens

The Singing Saw Shadow Show is about to play the Tranzac – multiple saws, guitar, cello and drums inside a backlit tent. I’m so there.