why does firefox crash so much on windows?

I’m giving up on firefox on windows for now. It can just crash sitting there doing nothing. Yes, it’s probably Windows’ fault, but the aggravation is all mine. Unfortunately, safari is a dog’s breakfast on windows, but what can you do?

At least I’m not alone

ripping dvd audio with Ubuntu

With more than a little help from How to Rip DVD audio to mp3 or ogg — Ubuntu Geek, here’s how I’d rip audio from a DVD:
for f in $(seq 1 12)
transcode -i /dev/sr1 -x null,dvd -T 1,$f,1 -N 0x1 -y null,wav -m $(printf "%02d" $f).wav

Your track count and device name will vary. You’ll note that I caved, and used the annoying $(…) syntax instead of good old-fashioned backticks (which some youngsters will claim are deprecated, but I claim as job security). WordPress munges those badly, so we’re stuck with the ugly.
You could use livemp3 to convert to mp3s (if I remembered to upload the version that handles wav files) under controlled circumstances.

bet they’re chuffed

The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust has just completed the first new steam locomotive in the UK for, ooh, basically ever. Not quite sure why they chose such an antiquated design, but hey, keeps them out of the way of the buses.