Had my first harmonica lesson with Al Lerman last night. He’s a really good teacher, and he had us all doing simple 12-bar blues in the first half hour. The improvisation will come later.

On the way there I discovered The ACME Burger Company. I think that will be my pre-class meal of choice.

hunger strikes twice

On the way to Canwea in Quebec, I stop for food – and find the place oddly familiar. Seems that Catherine and I stopped in this same A&W in St Nicolas on the way to PEI.
It’s not as if we sought out A&W; it’s just what was there.

rip the carpet up off the floor

It’s moving day. We’re moving the office from North York to downtown. Very downtown, in fact; 200 University, almost my old Oanda stamping ground.

In celebration of leaving Vic Park & Sheppard, I guess I really must have one last burger from Johnny’s…

mmm, detroit

I think I’ve had one of the top three burgers of my life today. It was at the Detroit Eatery, on the Danforth at Chester. It was definitely one of the cheapest, but was seasoned and cooked to perfection. Score one for a Cheap Eats Toronto recommendation.

My top three burgers are probably:

is this thing on, eh?

Since this is my first entry in my first blog, I think I’m supposed to quote something clever:

For imperial Britain, rapid expansion overseas was a sign not of economic strength but of underlying weaknesses at home. An empire that looked impressive and invincible on the map later proved to be remarkably fragile, shrinking much faster than it had grown. — Eric Schlosser, Fast Food Nation, Afterword.

I’ve just re-read FFN, this time in the extended edition. It’s better the second time around. And he’s right about Conway’s burgers in Colorado Springs — they’re that good.