amateur radio

My first FreeDV QSO

FreeDV Digital Voice QSO in ProgressFreeDV is a fully open digital voice protocol; unlike DMR, D-STAR and the rest, there are no patents tying it down. It uses very little bandwidth for voice. I just had my first QSO (thanks K5WH in Texas!) using this mode. While it does make voices sound a little robotic, there’s no static, no hiss, nothing unwanted. That’s what always put me off HF voice: trying to work out who is saying what through all the noise. FreeDV fixes that.

It’s quite a new protocol, so you don’t hear it much on the air yet. I hope to be making some more noise with it soon.


the antidote to autotune

We saw The Wailin’ Jennies at Hugh’s Room last night. As ever, their harmonies were beautiful, but what amazed me was their one piece in unison. They were so close that it didn’t just seem to be the one breath, but as one heartbeat. Wonderful stuff.

General unclestuff

J P Martin Speaks!

Tony Bannister writes in liontower that James Currey gave him some tapes of J P Martin reading some of his Uncle stories. He hopes to restore the tapes and release a CD.

Uncle: His Master’s Voice!

goatee-stroking musing, or something

my Rs, they are

Lazy wee sods can’t be bothered with the famous Scottish rhoticism: Glaswegians throw the R away.