computers suck

I’m crap at tracing

traced A, from GeorgiaI’m getting slightly better with my drawing tablet, but have a long way to go.

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democracy can be so tiresome

Someone’s been moving the Wkipedia article I created for Scots Tablet, ‘cos they claim the One True Name is Swiss Milk Tablet — a name I’d never heard.

“Swiss Milk” is an unusual name for an American invention, condensed milk.

the old country

Tablet on Wikipedia

There’s now a rather short Wikipedia article on Scots Tablet. I also discovered, thanks to A Spoonful of Sugar, that there’s a similar South American sweet called tableta de leche.

I guess we’re all Jock Tamson’s bairns, united worldwide with bad dentition.


Radio Silence

Wouldn’t you know it, but my tablet recipe appears to have fallen off the net? It’s supposed to live here:, but it appears to have gorn. Such irony after wowing GTABloggers with it last night.

Happy Thanksgiving, eh!

computers suck goatee-stroking musing, or something

illicit substance: Caffeinated Scots Tablet

I make Scots Tablet; in fact, I’m almost famous for it. I also roast my own coffee, which I get from Merchants of Green Coffee. What harm could come from combining the two, I thought?

Plenty, is the answer. By adding ¼ cup (measured before grinding) of finely-ground coffee beans to a half batch of tablet has resulted in almost black tarry lumps that combined sugar, butterfat and caffeine into a mallet-to-the-back-of-the-head rush.

Next time, I might use just a smidge less coffee. At the moment, it’s like a cross between full-on Rademaker’s Haagsche Hopjes and Uncle Ump’s Umpty Candy. I suspect that the RCMP will come knocking soon.

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Tablet Fame

It seems that the Sunday Herald — one of Scotland’s better broadsheet newspapers — has picked up on my Scots tablet recipe. In an article called 100 Things To Do In Scotland Before You Die, they cite

Part of the 100 Things To Do In Scotland … article is online, but omits Aunt Celie’s recipe. Oh well.

Thanks to David Marsh and former Collins colleague Jennifer Baird, who both spotted this.

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tablet recipe revisited

Before revising (and moving) my tablet recipe, it needs some clarification:

  • I damp the sugar with about ¼ cup milk. The amount isn’t critical; too little, and you risk burning the mix. Too much, it just takes a while to boil off.
  • 1kg of sugar is about 5½ cups.
  • 100g butter is about 4/5 of a stick.
  • I now use a 310×480mm (I think that’s 11×19″) large cookie pan for setting. It fills nicely, and makes nice thin slabs.
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Just discovered Reese’s White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups. They are so good.

For various reasons, I don’t eat “brown” chocolate. I love Reece’s Pieces, and so these are perfect. But with 910kJ per pack, I won’t be eating too many.

Typically, these things are a time-limited edition. Sweets I like always get discontinued. I guess that’s why I make my own.