The cheapest Micro SD card interface in the world

a micro-sd adapter with 7 0.1"-pitch header pins  soldered onto its contacts
micro-SD adapter + pins + solder = working SD interface

It’s only a serial SPI interface, but you can’t beat the price. It should only be used with 3.3 V micro-controllers like the Raspberry Pi Pico, since micro-SD cards don’t like 5 V directly at all.

You might want to pre-tin the pins and apply some extra flux on both surfaces, because these pads are thin and you don’t want to melt them. I used my standard SnAgCu lead-free solder without trouble, though.

label sticker image for 7 pins, from left to right DO, GND, CLK, 3V3, GND, DI, CS
got a label maker? This label’s the same length as an SD card is wide, as shown above.
Made entirely with netpbm

You only need to use one of the Ground connections for the card to work.


  1. Kool. I still have a couple of Pi’s with the self ejecting micro-SD slots and have, on occasion, lost my last years tweaking somewhere on the carpet. Not only does this look like the ideal solution for that problem but it will also make more modern Pi’s with the non-self ejecting sockets easier to deal with having made the SD card properly grabbable. When do these Must Haves go on sale?

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