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Pibow; it’s official – normal USB cables don’t fit

I’d noted previously that a standard USB micro-b power plug doesn’t fit into a Pibow. I’ve measured the opening in the case at 10.4 mm. This is what the spec says for the Micro-B plug:

A conforming cable can be up to 0.2mm larger than would fit into the Pibow. The rather weak excuse given by the designer is:

My Micro-USB cable doesn’t fit!

The Pibow supports a wide range of svelte, stylish micro USB cables, we recommend on [sic] of these. We may be able to slightly widen the aperture to include more cable. We don’t intend to support cables with large sleeves though, they just look naff 🙁

While I had the vernier calipers out, I measured all the USB connectors I could find. Not one was under 11 mm, way out of spec, and completely unlikely to fit in the Pibow.

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That’s the worst. I have a giant box full of odd cables thanks to this kind of engineering.

The cable responded to a brief attack from a dremel tool, and now it fits nicely. Dunno what I did before getting a Dremel.

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